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It's never too early to start learning about emotions and how to cope with difficult situations. 

Love, Gus is a series created with both children and caregivers in mind. 


Young readers embark on an emotional journey alongside Gus, a gentle and loyal companion to his family. Gus observes his humans struggling with the complexities of life, including death, illness, addiction, depression and anxiety, and divorce. Each book will explore the listed topics with gentle and intentional language.

Throughout the book, Gus's unwavering presence and unconditional love serve as a source of comfort and support for his family during challenging moments. With his friendly demeanor and soulful eyes, Gus becomes a silent confidant, offering solace without judgment or expectation. 

The first book in this series will be availible in Spring 2024. Find out how to preorder by clinking the link below. 

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